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Basic status of the enterprise

Company Name Chengdu Vion Science & technology CO.,LTD Business Model Equipment
Location West a Chengdu ring circuit a section of 21 healthy building 402 room
Contact Person Mobile Phone
Phone 028-85094328 85094318 Fax 028-85094318
Instant Messaging Email sales@vino-china.com
WebSite http://www.vino-china.com/jianjie1.asp Add Time 2010/6/1

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Chengdu Vion Science & technology CO.,LTD is one solves the product mix and the systems assembly specialized company.In March, 2001year, several deeply loved the product mix the expert realized: Many customer products in performance prominent, but in the structure is imperfect, the product image does not have the characteristic. Hence the experts established avino company under the original intention of"improvement product image, excellent turn product structure and increase a product additional value"Therefore, Vino company while establishing sign under the principle of management of"let us cast into brand together".

   The Vion company has a stronger design ability and process ability and kit ability. The design personnel of Vion company comes from zhongxing correspondence and other large business enterprises, being engaged in the structure design of excessive year; Designing the personnel adopts the 3D design software of the Pro/E, SolidEdge, Solidworks etc. to carry on a design, emollient promised our designs to keep a view, fast and accurate. The Vino company for insuring a design product can the perfect body completes now and quickly, building to process entity ownly in 2005 investment:chengdu vion electronics equipments make CO.,LTD.

   Resolve a product structure problem for the system, we cooperate with many international companies, ushering in many products of international well-known companies and technique project, trying hard for to make the vino customer's structure product perfect!

   At present the vion company has become American APW (cabinet engine case), German ebmpapst (air blower), American southco (locking device kto prevent going in), American Accuride (rail track) and so on company's technical support business and the business agent.

   The vino company from establish, the developed is various structure products, such as the network machine cabinet, shield room and shield machine cabinet etc., the part acquires patent! Shielding the room passed national tallest technique grade argument.(C class argument)

   The vino company provides a characteristic service for the customer.The Wei Nuo4 company realizes and respect the customer's need, be familiar with how to resolve product structure and spread heat, electromagnetism and permit etc. problem.In the last few years, the Wei Nuo4 company did a great deal of product supply for the southwest high level product customer, soldier article's customer and guide a service on the scene, southwest region customers' firmness increases.In future several years in, become all a vion promise will concentrate on the whole inside country market, provide the price of high-quality product, special discount for the customer with all strength, superior quality of service.

   Chengdu vion electronics equipments make CO.,LTD emphasize a humanities management, initiate team cooperation spirit and push forward corporate culture construction actively.The Wei Nuo4 company passes backlog and development for several years, having already been gradually come having outstanding design level and having perfect process kit real strenght and can provide special features to turn ministrant of the profession turn science and technology company.The Wei Nuo4 company is you the intelligence choice of"cast into brand together"!

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