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Basic status of the enterprise

Company Name ShenZhen Canall Electrical Technology Co., Ltd Business Model Process
Location Shiyan, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City Park A mansion on the 2nd floor, Building 1
Contact Person Mobile Phone
Phone 0755-81792577/81792576/81792575 Fax 0755-81792355
Instant Messaging Email sales@allclean.cn
WebSite http://www.allclean.cn/Home/En/ Add Time 2010/6/1

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ShenZhen Canall Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company which is engaged in mechanical and electrical equipment, air purification systems .It’s a high-tech enterprises which has design, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance and the development of purification equipment, production and sales .
       The company has many professional and technical person, through first-class design standards, quality construction management, good after-sales service and the honest sevice faith. It provides 10-10 0000 grade clean production environment for semiconductors, microelectronics, PCB, Opto-electronics, optical instruments, bio-engineering, medicine and health care, fine chemicals and food industry such as high - tech field.
    The company selects German EBM high-quality centrifugal fans, and independent R & D, manufacturing FFU (Fan Filter Unit), Air Shower, transmission window, Clean Benches, efficient air delivery, assembly-type production line, such as clean air purification equipment.
    It represents United States Met One laser dust particle counter (Miriam fallout), the United States SIMCO in addition to electrostatic equipment , such as the United States Dwyer pressure differential table with clean room products.
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