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Basic status of the enterprise

Company Name Global-Power Co., Ltd. Business Model Equipment
Contact Person Mrs.Li Mobile Phone 13869841839
Phone +86-13791907477 Fax +86-532-85263567
Instant Messaging Email webmail@g-cpower.com
WebSite http://www.g-cpower.com/ Add Time 2010/4/16

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Global-Power forklift truck manufacturer is one of leading companies in the industrial trucks field. A forklift truck, is a powered industrial truck used to lift and transport materials, normally by means of steel forks inserted under the load. Forklifts are most commonly used to move loads stored on pallets.

Global-Power Forklift Truck provides a series of forklift trucks designed to handle your material handling solutions. Their main product lines include IC counter balance forklift, electric counter balance forklift, traction truck and forklift truck accessory. They also welcome the customers who have interest in forklift information.

With rich related experience and developed technology of forklift, Global-Power can make the products to meet customers' needs.

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