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Basic status of the enterprise

Company Name The Shenzhen Bailiwei science and technology CO., LTD Business Model Equipment
Location Shenzhen Sha Jingzhen and a village great wild goose river industrygarden
Contact Person +86-0755-61515818 61515819 61515816 13502859560 Mobile Phone
Phone Fax
Instant Messaging Email szbailiwei@163.com
WebSite http://www.ce360.cn/Home/ce038_Eng/aboutme1.asp Add Time 2010/4/16

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 The Shenzhen Bailiwei science and technology CO., LTD is specialized is engaged in the large-scale numerical controllaser to cut series product the and so on the processing, engine casecabinet, stainless steel product, hardware product research anddevelopment design, operates the mold, the manufacture, the marketingand serves a body enterprise. The address is located the personoutstanding earth deities, economical rapid development Zhujiang Delta- Shenzhen. From starts an undertaking the beginning, hundred strengthprestige person receives "the science and technology to be in thelead, innovation infinite" management idea. In line with "humanist,the quality for, the customer supreme, the pursue is first remarkable"the enterprise idea. Relies on the leading technical developmentplatform and the exquisite manufacture and the processing ability and"ISO9001" the modern management pattern, obtains the supplier and thecustomer with its great mind grows together.

    Is following the whole world knowledge economy arrival, fills thespell of good or bad fortune and the challenge, hundred strengthprestige person takes a broad view the world, with European manydeveloped countries colleague and so on the Japan, Switzerland, UScarries on the technological exchange and the cooperation, strives forperfection, satisfies the different customer the actual need. Thecompany has the technology inquiry board which many senior engineersand postgraduate candidate teacher composes, to company's processingtechnique, the technical parameter, the quality control and so on theregular research proof, provides the reliable technology for theproduct quality to guarantee, the product besides partially sellsinternally, the majority of direct exportation or provide to thefactory indirect exportation to Japan, US, European Union, SoutheastAsia and so on the developed country and the area, hundred strengthprestige company series product by the Chinese and foreign customerapproval, has been had and the international brand with the athleticsstrength. Hundred strength prestige today depends on the social fromall walks of life friend's help, the customer support to all staff'sendeavor; The future hundred strength prestige still will receive theconsistent enterprise core values and by the camp idea, condensed theteam the strength, gradually constructed into hundred strengthprestige high tech the major industry, will create tomorrow themagnificence!

    Our company existing processing equipment: The Swiss hundred ultra3000W numerical control laser cutter, the AMADA numerical controlfolds the bender, the numerical control punch press and so on theadvanced equipment, welcome your incoming letter to come theelectricity discussion, heartfelt welcome to attempt the incomingsample to develop the demand which the new mold satisfies unceasinglydevelops.

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