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ShenZhen Sheet Metal Industry Association

ShenZhen Sheet Metal Industry Association (SH.M.A), founded in 2008, located in Shenzhen, China, to serve the needs of he sheet metal manufacturers and enterprises throughout Shenzhen by providing information on government regulations products, job opportunity, and other topics of importance, is an industrial, local and non-profit social association supported by the government, and has been one of the leading and professional construction associations in China. Our mission is to help unify the voices of our industry for the combined benefit of our membership.


The association shall observe the provisions of laws, regulations, rules and these measures undertake activities according to the provisions of its constitution, and may not impair social public interests and its members’ interests, represents the desire of its members, with the aim of safeguarding its members’ lawful rights and interests, coordinating the relations between members, offering services to them, maintaining fair competition, linking up the connection between members and government as well as promoting the economic development of sheet metal industry in this city.

1.Strengthen industrial management by assisting government, improve communication and cooperation among members, coordinate manufacturing, technique, product, marketing and policy among members, Summarize advanced experience of members, enhance the social status and effect of the industry and quicken technical development and prosperity of the industry.

2.Represent common interests of all industries, reflect common desires and requests to the government and public, struggle to gain support and help of the government and solve existing problems of enterprises.

3.Draw up guild regulations and establish industry self-discipline mechanism, invite experts to instruct, supervise and coordinate quality, price, standard and technology appraisal of product by assisting the government agencies, promote fair competition and protect legal interest of enterprises.

4.Provide technical support and management training to tackling the problem of personnel shortage.

5.Organize and conduct enterprises to join international exhibitions, business investigations and communication activities between domestic and overseas industries in order to exploit market.

6.Provide members with services including documents and policies, technical skill, information consultation, equipment maintenance and so on; organize party and friendship promoting activities to enhance communication and cooperation among enterprises; provide various kinds of services consigned by the government or enterprises; offer help for foreign businessmen or domestic enterprises who want to do some investment and business investigation in Shenzhen.

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